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Seger Horns, as a brand contributing significantly to Turkish economy and automotive sub industry today, made its mark in the global markets with its electric and air horn production after a successful journey started in a modest workshop with copper wire production in Bursa in 1981. As the biggest horn manufacturer in Turkey, not only do we manufacture horns for Turkish local market, but we also manufacture and export horn models specifically compatible with the cultural and economic conditions of approximately 65 countries

Company Information
Competitive Advantage
  • Seger's 40-year history has brought brand recognition to a very high level worldwide.

  • Seger never compromises on its corporate structure.

  • Seger has a high market share of ~75% in the local market. Brands that cannot dominate their own country cannot be opened to the world.

  • Seger's perception of quality is higher than that of its opponents. Seger never compromises on quality.

  • Seger and has two factories in Turkey and China, both factory are 100% Turkish capital.

  • Seger has a wide range of products and works to expand this range.

  • Seger is the manufacturer of the first horn to go into space. Seger is Tesla’s horn supplier at both China and the USA since 2013.

  • Seger produces horns for OEM and Aftermarket customers on the same production lines.